Diocese of Nashville

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Home Parish: Cathedral of the Incarnation

Henry McLeod

My call to the priesthood has always revolved around Easter. During high school, I would altar serve for the bishop during the Easter Triduum, and it was through that connection that I grew to have a deeper faith and grew to understand my vocation to the priesthood. While serving the Easter Vigil during my senior year, I felt this small pull towards seminary that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard I tried. After a bit of scared confusion, I ultimately decided to go to seminary, and I have felt at home ever since.

Favorite Quote or Bible Verse

“For a child is born unto us.” – Isaiah 9:6

Fun Fact

I worked as a magician for three summers. I worked at a small knick-knack store that sold pranks and magic tricks, and I would teach and show shoppers how to do magic.