Diocese of Austin

Class: Pre-Theology II

Diocese: Austin

Hometown: Spring Branch, TX

Home Parish: St. Mary’s Catholic Center, College Station


Growing up as a cradle Catholic, I never felt a call towards the priesthood. During my last couple of semesters at Texas A&M, I started frequenting the sacraments more often, implemented spiritual reading, and very profoundly explored the multifaceted depth and beauty of the Catholic Church. During the end of my last semester, God graced me with a very strong and unexpected aspiration to take intentional time for discernment, resulting in me moving to a discernment house in Austin after graduation. A short couple of months after living there, I was confirmed in my call to enter seminary.

Favorite Quote or Bible Verse

“To lose one’s way is nothing more than the giving up of prayer. Whoever does not pray does not need the devil to lead him off the path. He will throw himself into hell.” – St. Teresa of Avila

Fun Fact

I am related to St. Pope John Paul II through my Polish great-great grandparents.