Diocese of Dallas

Hometown: McKinney, Texas

Home Parish: St. Michael the Archangel


Ever since I was a child, I had the desire to be a priest.  While I felt an attraction to the priesthood, I also tried suppressing that attraction.  As I grew up I thought of different ways to satisfy that attraction, which included serving at Mass, dancing in my parish’s matachines group and music ministry.  I got into music when I was in high school thanks to the inspiration of my home parish’s music director, Valerie Stagaman.  Singing and playing organ really fostered my vocation.  I eventually said yes to God thanks to another close friend and music director of the seminary, Dr. Hamilton, in whom I saw God’s calling for me.

Favorite Quote or Bible Verse

“Kindness is like a boomerang, always returns.” – Unknown

Fun Fact

I went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land over the summer!