Diocese of Charleston

Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Home Parish: St. Andrew

Michael “Micho” Ghattas

Like most young men who admire and love superheroes like Superman, I wanted to be a superhero, too. I wanted to have some super powers of my own to help people in their lives. I admired priests and their power to forgive sins in confession. They also could physically unite people to God in communion and unite a couple in marriage.  And, they could do so much more through the power of the Holy Spirit. I wanted to become more like my idol.  My idol and my superhero is the man who was able to save the whole word single-handedly: Jesus.

Favorite Quote or Bible Verse

“…not my will but yours be done.” – Luke 22:42

Fun Fact

I once tried to be a vegetarian, but I had to stop because it was dinner time.