Diocese of Charleston

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

Home Parish: St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Reyes Palomares

Some decisions we are never one hundred percent certain of; maybe because they frighten us or maybe the uncertainty of what lies beyond drowns us in doubt. The Lord’s call for me was more of a whisper, maybe because I was too busy listening to everything else. I had never done anything that mattered or that benefited anyone else but me up until this point. After two years of seminary, I have been able to glimpse the effect that our labors have on other people, offering them hope.  In the end the reason I want to become a priest is simple, because of Christ.  No matter from what angle I look at my vocation, He has always been at the center.

Favorite Quote or Bible Verse

“The woods are dark, lovely and deep | But I have promises to keep | And miles to go before I sleep | And miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost

Fun Fact

I was born in Mexico.