Community Living Formation

Community Living


The goal of community living at Holy Trinity Seminary is for the seminarian more and more to become a man of Christ-like communion with others, beginning here in the seminary, laying the foundation for the same in priestly ministry and in presbyteral fraternity, and extending to a desire to reach out in communion to those “on the outskirts” – all this in light of our growing more deeply in our call to Trinitarian community.


  • To grow in Christ’s own pastoral charity as regards the other members of the seminary community.
  • To be an active and participating member of the seminary community.


This experience of living in community and sharing a common life is centered upon the celebration of the Eucharist and the communal celebration of the Liturgy for the Hours.  Strengthened by the Church’s liturgy, seminarians continue to share a common life through attendance at daily meals, participation in a work order for the care and upkeep of the seminary space, physical exercise, involvement in intramural sports on the main campus, active participation in college classes, studying together, formation group meetings, attention to the daily schedule of the seminary, and participation in community events.  The seminarians pray, study, minister, labor, and recreate as brothers in community and hold themselves and each other accountable.  They form healthy friendships among themselves, based on respect for each other, preparing them for someday sharing in and contributing to the fraternal communion of their diocesan presbyterate.