Human Formation



The goal of human formation at Holy Trinity Seminary is for the seminarian more and more to mature in his human personality and to cultivate a series of human qualities so that his human personality becomes an ever more fitting bridge for others in their meeting with Jesus Christ the Redeemer.


  • To become a Christian gentleman.
  • To care for one’s body as a gift to be respected.
  • To exercise good stewardship over material goods.
  • To make appropriate use of social media.
  • To become self-aware.
  • To relate in a healthy and supportive way with others in the context of communal living.
  • To grow in affective maturity appropriate to a man preparing for celibate chastity.
  • To grow comfortable being a public person called to leadership.
  • To transition from secular life to seminary life.


Holy Trinity Seminary offers the seminarian many means for achieving the goal and objectives of human formation. All new seminarians receive Lector and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion training during their first semester. Each seminarian is expected to meet with his spiritual advisor at least once every three weeks. Monday afternoons are given to formation sessions by classes with topics as varied as: healthy living; Church social teaching; obedience; intercessory prayer; spiritual journaling; conflict resolution; healthy boundaries; and priestly fraternity. Each semester, house conferences are given on celibacy and chastity by the Rector. In consultation with the sponsoring diocese, professional counseling is offered as yet another aid to support seminarians in their growth in human formation. In partnership with Wyoming Catholic University, some seminarians may also participate in Trinity-COR, an outdoor wilderness experience offered in the summer, in which participants backpack through the back woods of the Uinta mountains in Utah to experience the glory of God’s creation in nature.