SpesGregis Benefit


“We feel extremely humbled and blessed to be associated with Holy Trinity Seminary and this year’s Spes Gregis event. In these turbulent times, there is no better institution to serve as the beacon of hope for the Catholic Church’s future than our very own Seminary. The young men being formed here are lights in a time of much darkness, and Father Swift’s vision and hard work have made Holy Trinity a model for generations of future priests. Please join us for a night of fun, fellowship, and fabulous auction items, as we support these selfless men and such an important and worthy cause.”

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THANK YOU to our Sponsors and Donors:


Susan & Pat Brosnahan
Minda & John Miller
Dorothy & John O’Dwyer
Jan & Thom Schliem
Audrey & Dan Tinker


Josie & Henry Baker
Isabel & John Campbell
Claire & Ralph Duesing
Norma & Harry Longwell
Georgia & Marc Lyons
Peggy & Len Ruby
Carolyn & Ted Wandstrat


Josie & Henry Baker
Lynn & Win Bell
Alithea & Christopher Berger
Bobbi & Pat Burns
Christ the King Parish
Sue & Bill Cicherski
Kay Hogan
Theresa Martter
Kathy & Joe Murphy
Kim & Van Nguyen
Dorothy & John O’Dwyer
Dion & Tom Parlow
Margaret & Tim Parmenter
Melissa & Rick Sapio
Mary & Bill Sladek
St. Rita Parish
Michele & John Stephens
Gail & Dale Walsh


The Catholic Foundation
June & Troy Cooper
Diocese of Jefferson City
Lucia & Joe Herman
Alice & Frank Hernandez
Tracy and Jeff Jones
The Jim & Lynn Moroney Family Foundation
Mother of Perpetual Help Vietnamese Parish
St. Jude Knights of Columbus Council #11293
Traditions Wealth Advisors / Kathy & Brien Smith
St. Ann Parish, Coppell
Lucia & Jerry Welch
Eleanor & Don Wetzel
A Friend of Young Catholic Professionals


Aneeliz & Ken Alamo
Kathleen & Rodney Armstrong
Luz & Charles Bundick
Sharon Barnes
Elisa & Romeo Casal (3)
Catholic Daughters of America Court Our Lady of the Snow
Sue & Bill Cicherski (2)
Tom Condon
Anne & Bernie DiFiore (2)
Christy & Daniel Ellwanger
Linda & Patrick Fletcher
Beth & Gabriel Font (16)
Mary Ann & David Haney
Debra Hansen
Bettina & Dan Hennessy
Kasey & Bill Hollon
In His Imaging Counseling & Psychiatry Centers (2)
Lisa & Mark Ingram
Teresa & Bob Israel
Jane & Mike Koenecke
Cameron Kologinczak
Rhonda & Rick Lugari (5)
Jerilyn & Mark McGuire
Catherine & Randy McGuire
April & Bryan Nadeau
Sylvia & Jaime Najera (5)
Elizabeth & Joe Nava
Susan Ozowski (2)
Pete Philp (2)
Robert Earl Radford
Marianne & Ramon Ramos
Mary & Steve Sallman
Serra Club of Dallas (5)
Susan and Tom Stanzel (5)
Marianne & Roger Staubach (5)
Joan & Lewis Stivers
Father Will Straten
Deanne & Thomas Swierc
Karin & Paul Szatkowski (2)
Kim Phuong Le & Hoang Tran (3)
Margarita & Eddie Victorino
Terry & James White
JL & Mark Williard in memory of Betsy Milligan
JL & Mark Williard (5)
Margaret & Mark Yelchak


Luke Acosta
Melanie & Joel Acosta
Bridget Allen
Janis & Bob Andres in memory of Frank McElwain
Father Eugene Azorji
Suzanne Baars
Brandon Bain
Annette & Steve Bain
Teresa Baker
Sharon Barnes
Cindy & Kevin Bartholomew
Irene Baurys
Louise & Ken Berger
Ryan Berger
Dee & John Bert
Carol & Joseph Birkofer
Helen & Harry Bonham
Vance Burks
Bobbi & Pat Burns
Mary Camarillo
Melanie & Louis Casal
Noah Casal
Catholic Daughters of America Court Madonna #1817
Maria-Luisa Cavanna
Laura & Ramon Cavanna
Amy Cimorelli
Joan & Tony Colgin
Scott Conine
Mary Lou & Phil Coup
Mercedes Daley
Florence Denoic
Laurie & Wayne Dennis in honor of Dorothy Schatzman
Laurie & Wayne Dennis in honor of the Don Pendergras Family
Lisa & Judge Dobrient
Philippe Dubourdieu
Pat & Jim Dulac
Christine & Dave Ehrhart
Andrew Ellwanger
Ramadneh Fatima
Janice & Parker Fennell
Kyle Fletcher
Mary Ellen Flynn
Beth & Gabriel Font
Therese & Bill Frank
Marge & Joe Giangiulio
Jane & Brad Greer
Cindy & Mike Grimshaw
Maureen & Joe Hafertepe
Jane & Robert Happe
Dianne & Kevin Hebert
Tracy & Joe Havlik
Dianne & Kevin Hebert
Patricia Hogan
Robert Hogeda
Terry and Deacon Robert Holladay
Holy Cross Parish
John Hughes
John Ingram
Domitilla & Remigius Iwuji
Jeff Jones
Carolyn & George Jourdan
Bishop Greg Kelly
Jill & Jerry Kliethermes
Knights of Columbus Council #799
Knights of Columbus 4th Degree #1087
Knights of Columbus Council #1289
Bev Kosco
Kris & Matt Kramer
Jane Kulisek
Aurora Lacsamana
Mary & Pete LaFave
Mai Le
Marie & Randy Le Grand
Brenda & Larry Lenzen
Matthew Lydick
Jeanette & Michael Lynch
T.V. Mangelsdorf Family
Vicente Manuel, Jr. / Hillspire LLC
Julius Maresh
Joyce Marshburn
Martinucci Family
Christy & Paul McNaughton
Ronnie Messina
Katie Miller
Julie & Larry Montz
Regina & Kenneth Moore
Mary Moran
Gage Neisen
Jolene & Marvin Neuschafer
Gerri Noonan
Evelyn Notley
Virgene & Pat O’Brien
Shirley & Deacon John O’Leary
Megan Orchard
Kathy & Rick Plaeger
Laura & Robert Preston
Robert Radford
Diane & Richard Reed
Jeanne & Mark Robinson
Barbara Rourke
Joan Russell
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
Tong & Chester Salacinski
Krissy & Lloyd Sartor
Suzanne Sayer
Annette & Tony Schmidt
Theresa Schmitz
Dolores Schriefer
Serra Club of Dallas
Cliff Sicking
Charlotte & Ryan Sicking
Jennifer Simon
Carolyn & Don Simoneaux
Lucia & Mark Skyiepal
St. Andrew Kim Parish
St. Anthony Parish, Wylie
St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Lancaster
St. Gregory the Great Catholic School | Bluffton, SC
Shelley & Richard Stanzel
Joanie & Tom Stephens
Mary Stodola
Josephine & Robert Stowe
Beverly & Dennis Sullivan
Rosemary Tarangioli
Jere Thompson
Preston Thompson
Renee and Tim Thompson
Elizabeth Torres
Colleen Trudeau
John Vallala
Maria Garza Vera
Margaret Wall
Kay Irvin & Dennis Walo
Catherine Webb
Fr. Zach Webb
Mark Williard
JL & Mark Williard
Jessica & Paul Williard
Ann Young
Zak Zapletal