SpesGregis Virtual Benefit

Answer the Call

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Honorary Co-Chairs
Marge and Joe Giangiulio
Melissa and Rick Sapio

“We consider it a privilege to serve in any way we can for Holy Trinity Seminary. Being honorary co-chairs for a virtual gathering has been a challenge, but we are hopeful that you will be as touched as we are by the incredible seminarians who are willing to answer the call to serve God in the role of priests for us. This year, as you meet them virtually, we ask that you continue to be as generous as you have been in the past in helping to provide for their formation. May God bless you and thanks for Answering the Call.”

The Most Reverend
J. Douglas Deshotel
Bishop of Lafayette

“Holy Trinity Seminary was my home for six years as a student and then later six years on the faculty as Vice-Rector. I have very fond memories of both tours of duty. As a student, I received excellent formation in preparation for the priesthood. Both the spiritual formation at the seminary and the academic formation I received at the University of Dallas, gave me skills that have served me in my forty-two years as a priest and ten years as Bishop. I shall always treasure the happy times I spent there, the community life of the seminary and the life-long friendships that I formed. I pray that all the seminarians who attend have the same wonderful experience that I did. God bless you Holy Trinity Seminary and keep up the wonderful work of forming future shepherds for the Church.”

Click here to listen to seminarians Christian Hamrick, Cameron Kologinczak, Preston Thompson and Nick Weiss, who were recently the featured guests on the Interview of the Week radio show hosted by Dave Palmer, Executive Director of KATH 910 AM.  In addition to sharing their personal vocation stories, the seminarians discussed the upcoming Spes Gregis Benefit.

THANK YOU to our Sponsors and Donors.

We raised over $450,000 for the seminary!

Seminary Sponsors

Susan and Pat Brosnahan
Marge and Joe Giangiulio*
Norma and Harry Longwell*
Jan and Thom Schliem

Formation Sponsors

Isabel and John Campbell*
Georgia and Marc Lyons
Minda and John Miller
Melissa and Rick Sapio*
Michele and John Stephens

Vocation Sponsors

Josie and Henry Baker
Lynn and Win Bell
Christ the King Parish
Sue and Bill Cicherski*
Kay Hogan
Maureen and Pierre Koshakji*
Annette and Kent Lake
Ellie and John Landon
Kathy and Joe Murphy
Dorothy and John O’Dwyer
Dixie and Tom Parlow
Mary and Bill Sladek*
St. Rita Parish
Joanie and Tom Stephens
Gail and Dale Walsh

Spes Gregis Sponsors

Barbara and Brad Camp*
The Catholic Foundation
June and Troy Cooper
Mary Catherine and Don Huffines*
Bishop Greg Kelly
Rich Kelly
Brenda and Larry Lenzen*
Megan and David Martinez*
Chris and Joe Popolo
Prince of Peace Parish
St. Monica Parish Priests
St. Thomas Aquinas Parish
Marianne and Roger Staubach
Mayra and Jeff Thompson*

Benefit Sponsors

Mary Ellen Flynn
Therese and Bill Frank
Alice and Frank Hernandez
Carrie and Steve Keathley
Bev Kosco
Kris and Matt Kramer*
Theresa and Dick Martter*
Laurie and David Peterman*
Theresa and Michael Sinacola
St. Andrew Kim Parish
St. Joseph Parish, Richardson
St. Jude Chapel
St. Paul Parish, Richardson
Lucia and Jerry Welch

Seminarian Sponsors

Sue Baars
Michelle and Stephen Bennett*
Bishop Lynch High School
Catholic Daughters Our Lady of the Snow
Bertha deBastiani
Suzanne and Robin Delcambre
Timothy Dlabaj
Maureen Doering
Christine and David Ehrhart
Jeff Forck
Carol Hagan / The Vince Hagan Company*
In His Image Counseling and Psychiatry Centers
Mary Keathley
Ellen and Chuck Kobdish
Rhonda and Dennis Lugari
Susan and Wren Munsterman
Janet and Stephen Najvar
Susan Ozowski
Vanessa Perry
Peter Philp*
Tammy and Michael Regitz
Tong and Chester Salacinski
Jennifer Simon
St. Anthony Parish, Wylie
Karin and Paul Szatkowski
Kathi and Bryan Thompson
Elizabeth and Luis Torregosa
Kay and Dennis Walo


Vicki Adams
Robbi Luxbacher and Steve Alaniz
Janis and Bob Andres*
Amelia and Noel Arienza
Bryce Baumann
Irene Baurys
Rhonda and David Becker
Monsignor John Bell
Dee and John Bert
Carol and Robert Besch
Rosemary Bianco*
Mary Bickel*
Veronica and Lester Bowersock*
Maria-Luisa Cavanna
Kathleen and Claude Caylor*
Lydia and Manuel Chabarria
Cecilia and Calvin Colbert
Gabrielle and Paul Comeaux*
Sunny and Peter D’Apice*
Mercedes Daley*
Liz Davis*
Patricia and Joseph Farinacci
Kathy and Earle Gilbride*
Cindy and Mike Grimshaw*
Susan and Rich Grygier*
Sandy and Rich Haas*
Rachel and Ryan Haas*
Maureen and Joe Hafertepe*
Marie Hansen
Charlotte and Donald Hart*
Kathy and Michael Havel
Terry and Robert Holladay
John Hughes
Alison and Harlan Jones
Pat and Tom Kiernan*
Jane and Mike Koenecke
Aurora Lacsamana
Anne and Dennis Lauzon*
Ann and Jerry Lerner*
Priscilla and Corky Mahaffey
C.C. and Jim Maness
Lou Ann and T.V. Mangelsdorf
Mary McGraw
Catherine and Randy McGuire
Ronnie Messina*
Janet Metzler*
Joan and Walter Minigutti*
Sharon Mitchell*
William Mobley
Ginger and Frank Morrone*
Father Russ Mower
Molly Murray*
Sylvia and Jaime Najera*
Sally and Ray Neal*
Lawrence Neuhoff*
Gerri Noonan*
Virgene and Pat O’Brien*
Vangie and Jing Ordinario*
Norma and Javier Palacios
Luis Payan
Barbara and Michael Pazzaglini
Vicki and Frank Rauscher*
James Reid
Melissa Rhodes
Joan Russell*
Carolyn and Don Simoneaux
Susan and Andy Smolenski*
St. Anthony Parish, Wylie
St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Frisco
St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Lancaster
St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish, McKinney
St. Jude Parish
Judy and Gary Stanley*
Shelley and Richard Stanzel
Susan and Tom Stanzel
Joan and Lewis Stivers
Julie and JP Styskal
Tiffany and Chris Surran*
Deanne and Thomas Swierc
Rosemary Tarangioli
Mary Ann Timm*
John Vallala*
Margarita and Eddie Victorino
Shirley Vilfordi
Margaret Wall
Eleanor and Don Wetzel*
Christine Wilson*
Judith and Richard Wood*
Tish and Tom Yoxall
Monica and Ted Zapletal

*In honor of our Honorary Co-Chairs, Marge and Joe Giangiulio and Melissa and Rick Sapio, gifts from their fellow Metro Serra Club members and other friends are denoted with an asterisk.
List reflects gifts received through October 22, 2020.