Robert Le Grand, Samuel Hastings, Nick Weiss, Jacob Hubbard, William Mobley and Joey Belair, all seminarians from the Diocese of Dallas, accompanied by Father John Szatkowski, embarked on a week-long backpacking trip into the lakes, floral meadows, and summits of the mountains of Eastern Utah via the Trinity-COR program, which was specially tailored for Holy Trinity Seminary through Wyoming Catholic College’s Cor Expeditions program.  Certified instructors, with extensive training and experience, competently and safely guide the group through what we pray is a life-changing experience in their priestly formation.  This is the second year for our seminarians to participate in this expedition, which affords them an opportunity to grow in skills important to priesthood such as leadership, team building, and conflict management.  Further, the expedition supports and strengthens their manly confidence as they undertake a true adventure and learn they have what it takes to be strong and make important decisions, so necessary to being a spiritual father as a priest.